The excitement of a wedding is not just about you and your fiancé or fiancés but also about the guests who will be invited. Will you invite just close family and friends? Or will you invite your large circle of friends, relatives and colleagues? Once you have decided on your guest list, it’s time to pick out beautiful wedding invitation cards.

How To Pick The Best Wedding Invitation Cards

Your wedding invitation is what will present the first impression of your wedding, make sure that it’s the best. There are hundred of wedding card vendors and it can be a mammoth task to sieve through them. Leave this to us. Just give us your specifications and we’ll make sure the top vendors details are sent to you. So you can pick the best! We offer this wedding service completely free of cost.

Hindu Wedding Invitations

Hindu wedding cards are usually in auspicious colours like red, maroon and tones of gold. Sometimes images of Gods and Goddesses are used, Ganpati is a particular favourite for many. Besides these auspicious symbols, images of the bride and bridegroom, baraat and so on are popular.

Christian Wedding Invitations

Christian wedding invitations usually are simple with a white or ivory base. Motifs of wedding bells, angels, Bibles, bouquets and so on are popular. Gold or silver lettering adds the celebratory feel.

Nikkah Wedding Invitations

Nikkah wedding cards are usually rather ostentatious. Bold gold motifs are popular. Bright colours like red, gold and green are preferred and there’s a world of choice in this segment.

Surprise Your Guests With Scroll Invitations

Scrolls were used by kings of yore to send message to other kings. A scroll invitation is a special kind of invitation designed like a scroll and usually made from silk or expensive fabric. This can be presented in a box or envelope.

Laser Cut Wedding Cards

When you have an innovative creative idea in mind, laser cut wedding invitation cards will help you achieve what you dream of. Whether it’s a modern design like a heart or a butterfly or an intricate sculpture, the laser cut gives the design precision and that special look.

Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper

Handmade paper comes in lovely shades with an earthy feel. It can add a beautiful touch to your wedding invitations and is elegant and classy too. Though a little more expensive than the rest

Theme Based Wedding Invitation Cards

Theme based wedding invitation cards carry the same theme across the card and envelopes. Some of the popular themes are peacocks, bold motifs, bride and groom and so on.

Customised Wedding Cards

If you are one of those who wants to stand apart form the crowd, customized wedding cards are the way to go.

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A Hindu wedding can never be complete without a purohit to recite the sacred wedding mantras, perform the sacred wedding rituals and bless the couple. A purohit is a central figure in the wedding.

Get The Best Wedding Purohits!

Bring in the blessings into your wedding by performing the rituals perfectly! Sun Eventt co-ordinates with you to check on the traditions and rites of your community and helps identify the top wedding purohits in that category. We then provide you with their details so you can choose from amongst them. The best part is that our wedding service of co-ordinating is completely free of charge.

The Homam

The Homam or sacred fire is central to the Hindu wedding ceremony. This is lit by the Purohit and he recites the sacred mantras in Sanskrit. As he chants the sacred words, many different kinds of offerings are made to the fire. Each offering is followed by chanting, "Id na mama" meaning "it is not for me. " This invocation to the Gods brings blessings to the couple.

The Saptapadi

The Saptapadi or Saat Pheras are seven steps taken around the sacred fire by the Hindu bride and groom. On completion of this, they are declared husband and wife. With each step a vow is made by the bride and groom. When they take the first step, they promise to take care of each other and pray for abundant blessings and prosperity in their life. In the second step, they pray to the Gods to bless them with physical and mental powers and lead a healthy married life. During the third step, they vow to protect and increase their wealth through the correct means. With the fourth step, they agree to share happiness and sadness together. During the fifth step, they promise to be responsible and care for their children. The sixth step is taken by the couple to be together always. At the last step, they promise to be truthful and trustworthy and united always in friendship and harmony.

Purohits For Different Communities

India is a country with diverse cultures and rituals. Even amongst Hindus, each community has certain customs and rituals that are unique. This has to be kept in mind while identifying the right wedding purohit who can handle the unique needs of a particular community. Their sensitivity and knowledge of specific rituals is important. Reach us now to get in touch with the right wedding purohit.