Immortalise The Magic Of Your Wedding

The tender glances, the romance of holding hands, the joy of sharing a secret joke, the beauty of every wedding ritual, fleeting moments during your wedding that will stay in your mind for posterity. Capturing these divine moments in the form of wedding photos and wedding videos lets you relive these beautiful memories throughout your life. And gift the joy of seeing them to the forthcoming generations.

Great Wedding Video & Photography

Get the best wedding video and photography for your wedding, after all it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Sun Eventt understands the sentiments of your heart. We identify the best wedding videographers and photographers and send you the details. You can choose from the top ones. The best part is that this wedding service from us – helping you access the best services is totally free.

Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is no longer just about posed stiff looks and formal pictures. It has now evolved into an art that’s not just about capturing pictures but about infusing the personality of the couple into it and clicking their candid moments. This not only makes things natural but also makes it a fun experience. Your wedding in all its colours, vibrance and camaraderie will be immortalized in photographs. Right from the preparation for the wedding ceremony, the rituals, the guests to the great couple moments, everything is recorded.

There are many creative ways of getting your wedding photographs done. Plan with your wedding photographer beforehand and make the most of your photo sessions.

How to Look Your Best in Wedding Photos And Video

As a couple colour co-ordinating or contrasting your clothes to each other works well. Get your hair and make-up professionally done, choose long-stay make-up and deeper colours as the lights tend to have a bleaching effect. Wear well-fitting clothes in colours that suit your skin tone. Get comfortable before the camera, loosen up and let your expressions show,

Wedding Video

Your wedding video is a wonderful storehouse of memories as it records the wedding ceremony, rituals and all the glorious moments in great detail. Getting the right kind of wedding videographers who will not only capture the moments but also bring them together in a stylish way is important. They would have to be adept in editing the footage, choosing the best portions and mixing in good graphics and appropriate music. This would make your wedding video complete.

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