Say it With Music!

“If music be the food of love, play on, “ said William Shakespeare. When love is in the air the best way to express the happiness that overflows from the heart is music. No wedding is complete without the beautiful touch of music in its diverse forms. From peppy beats to soothing numbers, all of them find a place in the wedding music performance.

Soul-stirring Wedding Music Performances

Great music has to touch the heart and soul. Your wedding music has to be special and echo the romance and joy that you and your partner feel for each other. My Beautiful Wedding plays your perfect guide in helping you choose the right wedding music performance and performers. It’s simple, just give us your specifications. Our team will identify the perfect fit and give you the details of the top performers or troupes who fit your bill. This wedding service of co-ordinating is performed free of charge by us.

Vibrant Music For The Wedding Procession

In South Indian weddings, there is a meaningful tradition of a wedding procession where the groom is accompanied by traditional music players like the nadaswaram and tabla players. This is called the Maapillai Azhaippu. In the North Indian baraat, classical music is played too. This brings in the celebratory mood.

Instrumental Music Performance

During the wedding reception, some families prefer to have instrumental music played. This can be a medley of fast and slow musical pieces interspersed with classical pieces. Instrumental music brings a classy feel to the wedding and stays inobtrusive.

Stage Music Performance For Weddings

Live music by stage music performers at wedding receptions has a charm all its own! They usually sing wedding themed songs or popular film and Western music numbers. Romantic numbers too suit the mood of the occasion.

The personality and the individual character of each voice make the wedding music performance quite unique. A way to add a special touch is to ask them to sing favourites of the couple or songs that hold special significance to them.

Want Top Artistes For Your Wedding Music Performance?

If you have the budget, you can make your wedding the talk of the town by bringing in leading music artistes. They could range from famous classical music exponents, well-known playback singers, famous Western music singers and so on. This will set your wedding music performance apart from any other.

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