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We help you get the best menu, the best budget and the perfect fit to your requirements. All you need to tell us the menu preferences of your choice, your ideas, number of guests, budget and the style of dinner service. We will identify the top wedding caterers who meet your specifications and you can choose from them. This will save you time, effort and money.

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Tips on Marriage Catering

Before you meet a prospective caterer, there’s a bit of groundwork you must do. Based on your traditions and the kind of guests you are expecting, decide on the menu and the number of guests. At the basic level, decide whether you plan to serve vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. After this come the bigger choices, would you have South Indian, North Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai or any other particular kind of cuisine. Once you have decided on that it’s time to freeze on the budget for marriage catering services.

A typical South Indian menu would have rice, variety rice, vegetable starters, sambar, curd, sweets and so on. A North Indian menu would typically have chapathis or rotis served with curd, kebabs, a variety of North Indian gravies, sweets and so on. Continental cuisine could comprise pastas, stews, baked dishes and more. Chinese cuisine would typically feature noodles, fried rice, chilli chicken or vegetables and so on. Thai cuisine would comprise rices, coconut based curries, desserts and more.

Once the menu is decided, plan whether it will be a sit down dinner, a buffet or a formal multi-course meal. These days many caterers also allow you to have a mix of a sit down dinner with starters, desserts and juices being served at separate counters. You can chose to use disposable crockery and cutlery or if you want to give your wedding feast a fine dining feel, go for standard crockery and cutlery.

Personalised Service

Marriage caterers these days focus not just on food but also on offering warm and personalized service that makes each guest feel special. From the neatly attired uniforms to the style of serving and presentation, they ensure that your wedding celebrations reflect wonderful Indian hospitality.

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